Rib Landing Gear

QAV Landing Gear "Ribs". Fits QAV400, QAV500, and QAV540G.


This QAV landing gear "rib" set is custom produced for the QAV airframes by FrankenQuad. It is a minimalist landing gear that has a natural bounce in the material. The landing gear set weighs only 27g total and provides 2.36" / 60mm of ground clearance. Please note that due to the softness of this landing gear material you should not store the QAV500 sitting on the landing gear for long periods of time. Prolonged storage of the frame while sitting on the legs could cause the legs to flatten out, especially if you have a heavy lipo strapped to the frame. Store the frame hanging or on its back if you are using this landing gear.


  • 4x Rib Landing Gear Arms
  • 8x M3 x 25mm screws
  • 8x M3 Lock-Nuts

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